Today’s Funeral Services Options

All of us want a dignified and honorable funeral. In fact, many people nowadays pre-plan theirs. The availability of life plans enables people to save for the inevitable to all of us, which is death. By allocating a certain amount of money for their funeral, people can now plan their own funeral in advance by specifying what they want during that time. From flowers, food, to music, it can be done according to their wishes.

Businesses dealing with funeral services are now competitive and strive to give each client the best funeral rights to their deceased loved ones. The current trend is all about personalization or customization of services according to the wishes of the dead and their family. Although the service provider also has their own default programs and packages that the client can choose from, they also cater to the personal needs and wants of the client.

funeralFor the purpose of convenience, the funeral service provider may present the deceased’s family different packages that they can choose from. These packages vary in prices and services that come with them. They may include flower arrangements, outfit of the deceased, coffin, transportation and music and program preparations during the day of the burial. The venue may also be included if the family will not have the wake at their house. It may be put in a chapel or mortuary, depending on their choice. The role of the funeral services provider is quite similar to that of an event organizer because they perform and provide services according to the specifications of the client. And their main goal is to make the process convenient and successful until the end.

The service provider usually takes care of things until the burial is done. The typical package includes the transportation, coffin, and flower arrangements. Other services can also be provided if the family decides to leave it all to the service provider. Others, on the other hand, prefer to give their own personal touch to the process of handling their loved one’s wake and burial. They may choose to have the wake on their own amenities and just let the funeral home provide and replenish the flowers as needed. They can display photos and mementos of the dead in the wake, and hold a daily mass or prayer session for the soul. It all depends on the family customs, traditions and religion. The main role of the funeral services provider in this case is to stand-by and give assistance as needed. Food may be catered or personally prepared by the family.

As for the day of the burial, the preparations have to be done days in advance. The funeral home can arrange the program together with the family of the deceased in order to come up with the best ceremony. The relatives and friends can be notified of the details of the ceremony through announcements in newspaper, radio, television or local church if the deceased is a member. A special program or eulogy to honor the dead can also be offered in the cemetery. Family and friends can share memories and experiences with the deceased and offer the each sympathy and moral support through their words. Special music can also be arranged according to the liking of the immediate family or as specified by the deceased on his or her last wish.

The whole point of having funeral services provider is to assist the family every step of the way in dealing with their loved one’s wake and burial. Some people may be too grieved to plan the event, so the service provider’s default packages can be of great convenience. Death is inevitable but it doesn’t mean that we face it unprepared.


Planning Your Event and Hiring Keynote Speakers

Keynote speakers can highly inspire and motivate your team. You will be pleased to know that there are a lot of excellent professional keynote speakers you can choose from to bring your next corporate event, meeting, training or seminar to a higher level. Choosing from the lot and picking out the best is a tough job, however. You need to consider that keynote speakers not only headline your event, they also manage small group breakouts and workshops. They make the program exciting and engaging individually and corporately.

There are many different kinds of professional keynote speakers. You should first consider the following: your event objectives, your audience, and your program. When you know what results you want to attain, you can identify which speaker you will hire and the role he will play in your event:

    Corporate speaker
    Inspirational speaker
    Motivational speaker
    Marketing speaker
    Trend expert

Your keynote speaker can motivate, educate, promote awareness, inform, fuel change, encourage positive action and performance, inspire growth or entertain your audience. Keynote speakers can propel attendees to greatness and success on different levels: personal, professional or organizational.


Here are some tips on how to plan an event and get the best speakers:

1.    When planning your event, you need to take different factors into consideration such as the time, day, budget, and venue. Once you have these concerns settled, you can look for the keynote speaker that can serve you in both your industry and the location you are holding your event.

Setting the time and date of your event will help you narrow your choices down to who is available for the said schedule. Your budget will also limit who you can afford to hire for your event. If you are hosting your event in the area where your chosen speaker resides, you will be able to save on travel expenses.

2.    Think about the kind of presentation you will offer: workshop, seminar, master class, inspirational morning event, after-dinner lecture, etc. If you are holding a morning event, your speaker should be enlivening, while most after-dinner talks need a speaker who can inject humor.

3.    Consider your target audience by studying demographic profiles so you can determine the kind of speaker who can best inspire or inform them. Are you targeting a general audience or a specific group? This will help you decide on the best speaker to hire.

4.    Do your research and ask professional referrals or recommendations from colleagues. You can check the speakers’ past successes especially if you have a similar audience.

5.    You need to make sure that the topics being covered aligns with the core decision makers’ or the company’s vision, mission and objectives.

6.    You can hire professional consultants to help you choose the best speaker for your event.

There is no certain rulebook when it comes to professional fees for speakers. They can request for any amount they feel their knowledge, expertise and time is worth. Some keynote speakers give seminars or talks for free. Most of these speakers are relatively new in the field and they don’t have much experience yet. Others do not charge professional fees when the speaking engagement gives their business the opportunity to make money, like when the audience will purchase books and other materials after the event.

Some speakers also do not charge speaker fees if the organizer will cover for travel and accommodation expenses. There are speakers who charge from $500 to $1,500, 1,500 – $5,000 or as much as $50,000 – $100,000.00 if they are top celebrities. You also need to keep in mind that if you will hire a speaker through a speaker’s bureau, you should expect to pay double or triple the fees. It is best if you can directly coordinate with the speaker.

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Your keynote speaker can motivate, educate, promote awareness, inform, fuel change, encourage positive action and performance, inspire growth or entertain your audience . Visit for different kinds of professional keynote speakers.

Long Island Foreclosure Attorney: Helping Homeowners Avoid Foreclosure

If you have defaulted on your mortgage payments and actual foreclosure has not happened yet, a number of alternatives to prevent foreclosure are available for you. You can either retain or lose your home. Discuss your situation with a Long Island foreclosure attorney to know what foreclosure prevention options could be best for you.

Repayment Plan 

If you have missed paying your mortgage because of a temporary hardship, you can negotiate with the mortgage company to let you repay back payments over a time period. You should be able to provide a Financial Statement to your lender, which shows that you are capable of making back payments.

Special Forbearance Plan 

In a mortgage process context, forbearance is an agreement between a borrower and lender to delay a foreclosure. Based on your financial situation, you may qualify for special forbearance plan if you have experienced an increase in everyday life expenses and a salary reduction. Information should be furnished to your lender, showing that you are capable of meeting the requirements of the plan that may be arranged for you.

Mortgage Refinance 

Long Island Foreclosure AttorneyMany borrowers are considering mortgage refinance for several reasons such as getting a lower monthly mortgage payment, preventing balloon payments and obtaining a cash out from a part of the home’s equity. Refinancing in foreclosure is different from normal refinancing. Basically, when you apply for a conventional or regular mortgage refinance, your lender will look at your mortgage payment history. You may qualify for a refinance if your loan is not more than ninety (90) days delinquent.

Mortgage Modification 

You may work with your lender to come up with a written agreement to change some of the terms of your mortgage loan. Typically, mortgage loan modifications involve one or more of the following:

  • Extension of the loan term;
  • Modification of the principal balance;
  • Change in loan type;
  • Reduction of late payment penalties;
  • Reduction in the loan’s interest rate.

However, many borrowers are having difficulties in applying for a mortgage modification. If you have no idea on how to deal with your lender, contact a Long Island foreclosure attorney. Your lawyer will help you understand the entire mortgage modification process and will present your application in the format desired by your lender to guarantee a fast process.

Pre-Foreclosure Sale 

Selling your property could be the best solution to avoid foreclosure if you think meeting repayments can be an enduring problem. With this option, you can sell your house for a value that is less than what you need to pay off your loan. You may qualify to initiate a pre-foreclosure sale if you meet the following conditions:

Your loan is at least two (2) months delinquent;

You are capable of selling your house within three (3) to five (5) months.

As possible, sell your property with the guidance of a Long Island foreclosure attorney. Beware of buyers who are taking advantage of a homeowner’s financial difficulty. Check with your lawyer before you engaged in any deal that involves your property.

Deed-In-Lieu of Foreclosure 

If you want to prevent foreclosure, you may consider deed-in-lieu of foreclosure as a last resort. Many homeowners are using this mechanism to save time and money that could be wasted if a formal foreclosure process will be undertaken. A deed-in-lieu is something like voluntarily giving back your home to the lender without harming your credit rating.

Consulting a Long Island foreclosure attorney may be helpful if you want a deed-in-lieu but you are confused with the application process. Prior to signing any contract or agreement, it would be best to ask an attorney to review the documents so you know what legal rights you are giving your lender following the completion of the deed transaction


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