Planning Your Event and Hiring Keynote Speakers

Keynote speakers can highly inspire and motivate your team. You will be pleased to know that there are a lot of excellent professional keynote speakers you can choose from to bring your next corporate event, meeting, training or seminar to a higher level. Choosing from the lot and picking out the best is a tough job, however. You need to consider that keynote speakers not only headline your event, they also manage small group breakouts and workshops. They make the program exciting and engaging individually and corporately.

There are many different kinds of professional keynote speakers. You should first consider the following: your event objectives, your audience, and your program. When you know what results you want to attain, you can identify which speaker you will hire and the role he will play in your event:

    Corporate speaker
    Inspirational speaker
    Motivational speaker
    Marketing speaker
    Trend expert

Your keynote speaker can motivate, educate, promote awareness, inform, fuel change, encourage positive action and performance, inspire growth or entertain your audience. Keynote speakers can propel attendees to greatness and success on different levels: personal, professional or organizational.


Here are some tips on how to plan an event and get the best speakers:

1.    When planning your event, you need to take different factors into consideration such as the time, day, budget, and venue. Once you have these concerns settled, you can look for the keynote speaker that can serve you in both your industry and the location you are holding your event.

Setting the time and date of your event will help you narrow your choices down to who is available for the said schedule. Your budget will also limit who you can afford to hire for your event. If you are hosting your event in the area where your chosen speaker resides, you will be able to save on travel expenses.

2.    Think about the kind of presentation you will offer: workshop, seminar, master class, inspirational morning event, after-dinner lecture, etc. If you are holding a morning event, your speaker should be enlivening, while most after-dinner talks need a speaker who can inject humor.

3.    Consider your target audience by studying demographic profiles so you can determine the kind of speaker who can best inspire or inform them. Are you targeting a general audience or a specific group? This will help you decide on the best speaker to hire.

4.    Do your research and ask professional referrals or recommendations from colleagues. You can check the speakers’ past successes especially if you have a similar audience.

5.    You need to make sure that the topics being covered aligns with the core decision makers’ or the company’s vision, mission and objectives.

6.    You can hire professional consultants to help you choose the best speaker for your event.

There is no certain rulebook when it comes to professional fees for speakers. They can request for any amount they feel their knowledge, expertise and time is worth. Some keynote speakers give seminars or talks for free. Most of these speakers are relatively new in the field and they don’t have much experience yet. Others do not charge professional fees when the speaking engagement gives their business the opportunity to make money, like when the audience will purchase books and other materials after the event.

Some speakers also do not charge speaker fees if the organizer will cover for travel and accommodation expenses. There are speakers who charge from $500 to $1,500, 1,500 – $5,000 or as much as $50,000 – $100,000.00 if they are top celebrities. You also need to keep in mind that if you will hire a speaker through a speaker’s bureau, you should expect to pay double or triple the fees. It is best if you can directly coordinate with the speaker.

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Your keynote speaker can motivate, educate, promote awareness, inform, fuel change, encourage positive action and performance, inspire growth or entertain your audience . Visit for different kinds of professional keynote speakers.