Today’s Funeral Services Options

All of us want a dignified and honorable funeral. In fact, many people nowadays pre-plan theirs. The availability of life plans enables people to save for the inevitable to all of us, which is death. By allocating a certain amount of money for their funeral, people can now plan their own funeral in advance by specifying what they want during that time. From flowers, food, to music, it can be done according to their wishes.

Businesses dealing with funeral services are now competitive and strive to give each client the best funeral rights to their deceased loved ones. The current trend is all about personalization or customization of services according to the wishes of the dead and their family. Although the service provider also has their own default programs and packages that the client can choose from, they also cater to the personal needs and wants of the client.

funeralFor the purpose of convenience, the funeral service provider may present the deceased’s family different packages that they can choose from. These packages vary in prices and services that come with them. They may include flower arrangements, outfit of the deceased, coffin, transportation and music and program preparations during the day of the burial. The venue may also be included if the family will not have the wake at their house. It may be put in a chapel or mortuary, depending on their choice. The role of the funeral services provider is quite similar to that of an event organizer because they perform and provide services according to the specifications of the client. And their main goal is to make the process convenient and successful until the end.

The service provider usually takes care of things until the burial is done. The typical package includes the transportation, coffin, and flower arrangements. Other services can also be provided if the family decides to leave it all to the service provider. Others, on the other hand, prefer to give their own personal touch to the process of handling their loved one’s wake and burial. They may choose to have the wake on their own amenities and just let the funeral home provide and replenish the flowers as needed. They can display photos and mementos of the dead in the wake, and hold a daily mass or prayer session for the soul. It all depends on the family customs, traditions and religion. The main role of the funeral services provider in this case is to stand-by and give assistance as needed. Food may be catered or personally prepared by the family.

As for the day of the burial, the preparations have to be done days in advance. The funeral home can arrange the program together with the family of the deceased in order to come up with the best ceremony. The relatives and friends can be notified of the details of the ceremony through announcements in newspaper, radio, television or local church if the deceased is a member. A special program or eulogy to honor the dead can also be offered in the cemetery. Family and friends can share memories and experiences with the deceased and offer the each sympathy and moral support through their words. Special music can also be arranged according to the liking of the immediate family or as specified by the deceased on his or her last wish.

The whole point of having funeral services provider is to assist the family every step of the way in dealing with their loved one’s wake and burial. Some people may be too grieved to plan the event, so the service provider’s default packages can be of great convenience. Death is inevitable but it doesn’t mean that we face it unprepared.